The Collective

The Collective is a coworking space located in a highly trafficked area near downtown Burbank in Los Angeles, CA. Our aim is to elevate the workspace of self-employed individuals. We don’t simply give entrepreneurs a place to host their business. Rather, we take a hands-on approach when it comes to the success of the businesses and professionals that call The Collective home.

A co-op space shouldn’t just be a place where you work under the same roof as others - it should be an environment conducive to growing your businesses via networking and by providing the tools necessary to succeed. Here at The Collective, all members take pride and have great interest in one another. 

If you’re a small business or a professional who is currently operating alone and are hungry to do more, be more, and make more - then The Collective was created especially for you.  

They say that raising a child takes a village - that’s true. It also takes a village to grow your business and increase your profitability. At The Collective, it’s known that this obstacle is not yours alone.

Apply now if you’re ready to invest in your business, build community, and grow - together.

Why Choose Us

Coffee Bar
Onsite Parking
Outdoor Patio
Recreational Areas
Kitchen + Leisure Spaces
Dual Conference Rooms

Welcome to The Grind!

Why wait in line for coffee when we already have it waiting for you here?

Our cafe seating provides the perfect setting for energized networking and brainstorming.

Our in-house barista serves up coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes as bottomless as your well of creativity.

Finding Balance

Finding trouble squeezing in some time at the gym? Our gym, sauna, and recreation areas help you manage your time more efficiently than ever.

The gym is equipped with a weight-lifting bench, elliptical machine, treadmill, and more - the only thing missing is your excuse!

Who goes to work to relax? Members of The Collective - thanks to our onsite sauna, along with showers adjoining our gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

A coworking space is a shared workplace that accommodates people from different companies, teams, industries, and enterprises.

Yes, The Collective was designed not only to build a community, but for all those involved to succeed. With this in mind, you will have 24-hour access to your rented workspace. You choose your own schedule and work hours with no restrictions in place.

Of course, Not only are clients welcome - clients are encouraged to visit you in your office space, as well as in all spaces within The Collective. This includes, but is not limited to, the outdoor patio, lounges, conference room, kitchen, breakroom, reception area, recreation room, and coffee bar.

Absolutely, Yes. The coffee bar, also known as "The Grind," has a full-time barista, is accessible to all tenants of The Collective, and is 100% complimentary.

Yes, In addition to private offices with ensuite restrooms, we also have shared office that are available at a lower monthly cost.

We have both! Our gym is equipped with a weight-lifting bench, elliptical machine, treadmin, and other strength and cardio machines. We also have a recreaction area that includes a pool table, darts, shuffle board, and more. If you're still looking for ways to burn off steam after a workout, our sauna awaits.