Spaces That Inspire

Our coworking spaces are designed as grounds for networking, inspired ideas, and enlightening conversations.

Supportive Surroundings

Round-the-clock receptionists and baristas ensure that your time at The Collective is organized and energized.

Finding the Right Balance

A gym, sauna, kitchen, and more are available to assist your evolution in ways that extend beyond your career.

Co-Operative Evolution

The accomplishment of a single person pales in comparison to what we can accomplish when working together.

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Why Co-Work with
The Collective?

Your Neighbors

Converse with like-minded individuals on a daily basis who are all a part of the same mission. Think of The Collective as your very own BNI (Business Networking International) group. Every member is supportive and personally invested in one another’s successes and failures alike.


Located near downtown Burbank, this Los Angeles County co-working location is sitting on a well-trafficked & well-known street and within walking distance of shops and restaurants. 

No In-House Competition

All tenants will be non-compete, meaning that your competition will not be housed here. For example, if a creative agency is a part of The Collective, no competing agencies will be brought onboard until the current contract is terminated. This ensures that all members are not only supportive of one another, but do not interfere with each other’s clients or overall business growth. 

The Village

The Collective is a part of a larger entity called The Village. The building itself was created as a networking hub to bring in high quality foot traffic. This includes the ground floor, which currently encompasses four non-competing businesses, all of which draw in impressive crowds of respectable clients.

More Amenities

Our amenities include a fully stacked gym, private parking, sauna, and full-time barista serving up FREE coffee & tea.

24/7 Access

Working crazy hours as an entrepreneur is a given! Like we said - we want you to succeed, so you’ll never lose access to your office. Your Collective key will provide you 24/7 access. 

Ignite Progess: Beyond Coworking

The Collective is more than a coworking space - it is a community where the pursuit of progress ignites individual passions and transforms them into tangible benefits for all members and the society at large.

Are You a Good Fit
For The Collective?

If you tick the below boxes - your office space awaits! Contact us to apply now or to book a tour. 

You are self-employed or you are the owner of a small business.

You are interested in elevating and growing your business and/or company.

You want more networking opportunities than you currently have access to.

You are serious about the success of your company and/or business.

You are interested in surrounding yourself with like-minded, supportive, individuals who are invested in the success of your company and/or business.

You enjoy free, freshly brewed coffee, espresso, tea, and/or lemonade.

Book a Tour!

Connect with us to book a tour, reserve a space, or learn more about becoming a Collective Professional.